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StoneX Pro provides institutional trading solutions to mid-market firms that are normally only available to large firms trading directly with banks.

Access a liquidity service normally reserved for larger organisations

By acting as the intermediary between our client and Tier 1 financial institutions, StoneX Pro provides our clients with institutional grade services normally only available to the largest of firms.

We recognise that there's a large swath of institutional and corporate customers that simply don't get a look-in with the banks. StoneX Pro is perfectly positioned to provide these underserviced clients with a higher touch, institutional-grade service and considerably lower price point without compromising service quality.

Banks have minimum monthly and annual revenue levels that they need to achieve. Small to mid-size firms who have real FX risk management needs aren't economically viable enough for the banks to consider the KYC and on-going compliance challenges.

This is the sweet spot for StoneX Pro and we cater for this segment of clients by providing the same level of service and even better access to liquidity than would normally be available.

FX Prime Brokerage

Rapid access to established FX Prime broker service

StoneX Pro provides top-tier FX trading solutions combining self-clearing OTC and prime of prime to hedge funds, money managers, proprietary trading firms, and regional banks.

Through opening an account with StoneX Pro, our clients open one OTC swap account through which they are able to trade instantly on highly competitive spreads derived from our combined aggregated institutional FX liquidity.

By acting as our clients' only counterparty, we allow our clients to focus on trading while StoneX Pro handles the complexities of OTC FX operations and settlement. Our service removes the need for corporates and financial firms to deal with multiple prime brokers, daily reconciliation and STP issue resolution, and the need to manage dozens of individual liquidity providers.

Multi-Asset Liquidity

Access institutional grade liquidity across FX and CFDs

With StoneX Pro, you can benefit from significant time and cost savings through liquidity procurement. We manage more than 100 liquidity relationships, all STP mapping, legal agreements, multiple prime brokers, reporting, and counterparty credit and netting. Our clients connect seamlessly to the market through a single StoneX account.

Credit Intermediation

Optimise your capital allocation through our credit intermediation services

In addition to providing access to institutional-grade liquidity, StoneX Pro supports our clients to optimise their capital allocation through providing margin and credit intermediation services to qualifying clients. Banks are not equipped to on-board mid-sized firms, and though the creditworthiness of our clients' firms might be sound, they simply won't go to the trouble of servicing these clients due to the cost of on-boarding versus potential revenue.

Again, this is StoneX Pro's sweet spot. Due in part to how we are structured as a firm, StoneX Pro is uniquely positioned to be able to extend leverage and credit to firms who would qualify for this service but simply aren't large enough for the banks. Partnering with StoneX Pro and accessing our credit intermediation services enables our clients to utilise their capital more effectively and focus on their core objectives.

Deliverable FX

Access Deliverable FX in 17 currencies

If your day to day business is reliant on available currency resources, StoneX Pro is the ideal partner to support your physical cash requirements.

We have the capability of delivering FX in 17 different currency pairs which sets us apart from most of our competitors.

Our deliverable FX services allow our corporate clients and regional banks to ensure they have available currency to meet their operational requirements. It also enables clients, like money service businesses and payments firms who need ready access to currency, to focus on their core business while relying on StoneX Pro to deliver the currency they require, when they need it.


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