StoneX Pro clients


Clients all over the world rely on StoneX Pro for access to institutional liquidity
and high-quality professional service.

StoneX Pro enables our diverse set of customers access to:

  • over 80 global currency markets
  • multi-source, institutional grade liquidity
  • the collective experience of StoneX Pro’s liquidity experts

Why our clients value StoneX Pro

From hedge funds and regional banks to proprietary trading firms and brokers, StoneX Pro provides our customers with cost-effective, multi-source institutional liquidity. Optimised for speed and efficiency, our solutions and our ongoing investment in procuring our institutional liquidity means that our customers can externalise their liquidity management to a team of industry experts and focus on their core business.

Hedge Funds & Asset Managers

StoneX Pro helps maximise returns and protect against the effect of currency volatility on investments.

Family Offices

StoneX Pro makes FX trading and cash management simple and accessible to Family Offices.

Corporate Hedgers

Access institutional liquidity to mitigate FX risk and manage complex hedging strategies with our 24-hour dealing desk.

Proprietary Traders

Access an FX partner with the expertise, liquidity, and pricing capabilities to accomplish your trading objectives.

Financial Institutions

Access liquidity and pricing to support your physical cash settlement requirements.

Retail Brokers

Enhance your product portfolio and hedge FX & CFD risk through StoneX Pro’s unique liquidity on over 12,000 markets.

Money Services Businesses

Leverage StoneX Pro’s investment in technology and FX liquidity management so that you can focus on your core business.

Other Clients

The StoneX Pro team is happy to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific business needs.
What StoneX stands for

Today’s global financial markets offer a world of opportunities. To trade. To invest. To manage risk. And to grow.

We believe that every company, every organisation, and every investor must have access to the widest array of markets, the most asset classes, liquidity, products and services, deep expertise, and advanced tools and technologies in order to seize those opportunities and thrive.

That’s what we stand for. And that’s what we strive to deliver.

We are StoneX.